EPISODE 007 | The Fire This Time


Jac Archer dials in to talk protest, big white supremacy (murder), little white supremacies (the gutting of EWU's gender and ethnic studies programs) and how you can't just support black liberation when it makes you comfortable.

Oh, and Luke and Jac also talk Scandal (the show) and trade James Baldwin quotes like total badasses.

This talk fired Luke the hell up, and he wanted to get it out in time for Sunday's protest so you could get fired up, too. Smash white supremacy, Rangers!

If you do attend the rally, be on the look out for this POS, a Neo-Nazi who has pledged to come to Spokane and "make history." Be safe.




EPISODE 006 | Killology

While much of America is on fire, and trust in police is shaken to the core, activists have discovered that Spokane law enforcement has invited Dave Grossman -- the inventor of "Killology," a widely discredited training technique -- to train our local police. 

His ideas are flippant, callous and more concerned with making sure cops know how to beat a shooting than how to help those in need. These are not de-escalation techniques. This episode showcases audio of Grossman's lectures and makes the case that he should not be welcome in Spokane.

Among Grossman's more infamous pupils: the guy who killed Philando Castile in Minneapolis in 2016, a precursor killing that laid the groundwork for the nationwide unrest that sprang up after the murder of George Floyd. 

Ask Sheriff Knezovich and Police Chief Meidl to disinvite this merchant of death:




EPISODE 005 | Poor, Worthless Millennials

Good news Millennials: your life sucks exactly as much as you think it sucks! And that's according to journalism!

Luke takes a deepish dive into a Washington Post article by Andrew Van Dam and a few other sources on income and wealth inequality and turns out -- yep! -- what we always suspected to be true is true: There is no generation more abjectly screwed than your friendly neighborhood millennial. 

It also seems there is but one solution. It's an increasingly common refrain around RANGE HQ. Can you guess what it is?




EPISODE 004 | Light Morning Reading

An interview with cook, writer, artist & activist Tunde Wey sends Luke down a rabbit hole thinking about the place of restaurants as one of the most accessible, understandable (and delicious!) places where capital from literally all over the world collides right in front of us, and how restaurateurs -- like all small business owners -- must take this moment of crisis to be an ally of workers, not big business. 

All this and a couple little confessions from yours truly.



*Yikes on all the Luciferian references. That kind of week.


EPISODE 003 | A Little Snack (of Data)

Luke takes a trip down to nerd town and really digs into the data on predicted coronavirus deaths, national perceptions on how quickly to open back up, the interplay of fear of the virus and economic anxiety and finally how to win an argument against someone who calls you "sheeple" without coming off as a total cuck globalist!

Then, at the end of the show (right as Luke was about to go to bed), Dr. Bob Lutz, Spokane regional health officer, drops by to break a little news. 




EPISODE 002 | Extra! Extra! Bad Take

A bad editorial in our local newspaper demanding workers use their health to grease the economy inspires a brief history of newspaper editorial boards, a deep dive into the American concept of objective journalism, an attempt to reframe the value of human life (no big deal there).

Oh, and our first old-timey radio skit!



EPISODE 001 | What is happening

Starting a podcast maybe isn't the first thing you'd imagine doing four-plus weeks into a nationwide lock down, but we're all working through this in our own way, okay?

It's been an almost indescribably dark time for many people across the world, and there isn't currently an end in sight. But maybe there's something to be found in this utterly brutal but also unprecedented month that can give us some hope for the future and, more importantly, a path to get there.

Not a lot is clear right now, but one thing seems clear: we can't just return to normal. We have to imagine something much, much better.

Writer, organizer and occasional journalist Luke Baumgarten locks himself in his attic for a week or so and emerges with ... whatever this is.

NOTE: Luke is definitely a professional audio technician and natural vocal performer. You should 100% assume that any sound issues or gross/strange vocalizations are completely intentional.

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